Ford Sees Sales Jump in February, Thanks to Hybrids and EVs

Ford Sees Sales Jump in February, Thanks to Hybrids and EVs. Ford Motor’s sales in the U.S. took a big leap last month, jumping up by 10.5% compared to February 2023. And guess what? It’s all thanks to the rise in sales of their hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Breaking Down the Numbers

So, here’s the lowdown: Ford sold a total of 174,192 cars and trucks in February. And get this, their electric vehicle (EV) sales shot up by a whopping 81%, while their hybrid models saw a cool 32% increase. Even the sales of their regular old gas-guzzlers went up by 7.5%.

Doubling Down on Hybrids

Ford’s really putting its chips on the table when it comes to hybrids. They’re going all in on the technology, and it seems to be paying off. They moved a total of 12,045 hybrid units in February, including 6,463 of their small Maverick Hybrid pickup trucks.

EVs Riding the Wave

Now, let’s talk EVs. Sales of Ford’s all-electric vehicles have been up and down lately, depending on how much folks want them and how they’re priced. But last month, they were up across the board. The Mustang Mach-E crossover saw a 64.3% increase in sales, while the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup almost doubled its sales.

Still, Traditional Vehicles Rule the Roost

Despite the buzz around hybrids and EVs, almost 90% of Ford’s sales last month were good old-fashioned gas guzzlers.

Bumps in the Road

There were a few hiccups, though. Sales of Ford’s super profitable F-Series pickups dropped by 5.8% last month to 51,829 units. It turns out, shipments of the new 2024 models were delayed because of some quality issue that Ford hasn’t spilled the beans about yet.

Keeping Quality in Check

Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, isn’t taking any chances. He’s beefing up testing and quality checks during new vehicle launches to avoid any more slip-ups.

Overall Picture

When you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, Ford’s total sales for the year through February were 311,325 units, which is a 6.6% increase compared to the same period last year.

Market Reaction

Investors seem to be liking what they see. Ford’s shares shot up by more than 4% during trading on Monday morning. And even their rivals like General Motors and Stellantis, who don’t report monthly sales, saw a bump of about 1% each in their shares. Looks like Ford’s got some good vibes going on in the market!